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and we want to help you build an amazing website.

If you’re building a website these days, you’re in luck!

As you may already know, many people in Australia are using devices such as tablets and smart phones to access the web.
You may not know that 59% of people use a smart phone to search online!

That’s more than

14,000,000 people searching websites on mobile phones in Australia

people searching websites online, using a smart phone or tablet, looking for businesses like yours.

So, what exactly is Thinking IT?

Thinking IT is a website design company,
seo company & graphic design studio in Adelaide, building responsive design websites for business’s

responsive website design
  • Industry-leading website designers
  • Search engine optimisation experts
  • Innovative graphic designers
  • Experienced copywriters

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It’s probably easiest to think of

SEO as the engine of your car
Web Design as the frame and body
Graphic Design as the paint job
website services offered by Thinking IT, the web design company in Adelaide

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We’re ready to build a design

that’s perfect for your business.

Want some inspiration?

Take a look at just some of the websites we’ve built recently.

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Of course, if you’d like to grab some information about how all this works –
so you can be sure about what you’re looking at later…

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We’ve answered the top 5
most common questions

we get from future customers just like you…

What are the steps in building a website?

First we find out what your needs and wishes are. What you want to convey to potential customers, so we can suggest a website design — the frame and body of the car – or layout.

Next we find out what your budget is so we can suggest what functionality or features can be included within the design – just like you would when looking to buy a car.

Finaly we discuss whether you wish your website to be found by people searching ‘keywords’ in search engines; like Google® and whether you want to add pages/content yourself.

That will depend on the size of the website, the number of pages, content and functionality you desire.

As a guide, budget between $2,500 and $5,000 to get you a great looking and functional website.

What is my new website going to cost?

What is included for $2,500?
What do I get extra for $5,000?

Our basic website is still ‘dynamic’ not ‘static html’ in its design.
Price of $2,500 includes –

  • 5 pages with navigation menu bar
  • ‘Contact us ’ form
  • ‘Get directions’ location map

For $5,000 there is a whole lot more –

  • 10 pages with second navigation bar & dropdown menu
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Website is ‘responsive’ for all devices
  • Home page feature

Like any website, you’ll need a domain name which we can help you register for $45 (renewable every 2 years)

You will need your website ‘hosted’, which again we can assist with for $500 (renewable every year).

Choosing the domain name and hosting are critical elements if you are looking at seo for your website; now or in the future, so we strongly recommend discussing this with Thinking IT first.

What else do I need?
What are those costs?

What exactly is seo?
What does seo cost?

Search engine optimisation or seo as it is called for short, is about getting your website pages to appear high on the first page of search engine results when people go to search engines such as Google®, Yahoo® or Bing®; to name 3 of the most popular and enter search terms or keyword phrases to look for information.

It will depend on several factors including how competative the keywords you’re after are, to work out how much it will cost to be high up on the first page of search engine results.
As more businesses are realising the importance of a website, seo is often required to be an on going effort because there is increasingly more competition.

Still have questions?

Or perhaps you’re just the type that likes to dig deeper? (we understand)

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