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10 Reasons Why Authors should link the Content they Write to their Google+ Profile.

Google Authorship Markup is given to content or articles that are written and published for a specific website when the author links them to their Google+ profile. Google authorship markup is the way to have your authorship information and image appear in Google’s search results for the content you have published. In other words the author of the content is given credit for writing the article because they have linked that content to their Google+ Profile.

Benefits of Claiming Google Authorship

There are a number of benefits to claiming Google Authorship. This article will focus on 10 reasons why authors should link the content they write to their Google+ profile.

  1. You Stand Out In Search Results

    Google displays the authors profile image and name in its search results when the author has linked the article to their Google+ profile, making the listing stand out from others who have not claimed authorship markup.
    Take a look at the example of the SERP (search engine results page) below for the popular search phrase “top 10 social networking sites”:

    Google Authorship Markup

    Which link would you click on?

    Do not confuse Authorship Markup with Author Rank, they are not the same.
    Authorship is Google’s way of knowing that a human by the name of Nigel Brookson published the article, so displays the profile image and author name.
    Author Rank is a metric of Google’s search algorithm, that will play, I’m sure, a significantly increasing role in seo in the near future, as Google rewards authors who consistently write quality content and articles on the web, becoming an authority on specific subjects.

    So because your article stands out in Google Search, you can expect a higher click through rate, meaning more traffic to your article and other pages of your website.

  2. Be Rewarded for Being Identified

    Google is always looking for ways to reduce spam and ways of promoting better content on the web.
    This is one reason why you should have a Google+ Account. Google gives you, a real person an identity or ID number; think of it like a driver’s license number, with Authorship Markup your digital signature, appearing when your article is displayed in Google SERP’S. You are being rewarded for being willing to put your name to something that was published on the web, not remaining anonymous.

  3. Be Rewarded for Consistently Writing Quality Articles

    Over time, as mentioned previously Google can reward you as an author with Author Rank because Google can now track what articles you have published on the web. If you consistently publish articles containing original content using white-hat seo techniques that are well written, with no spelling mistakes and are grammatically correct, your articles will rank higher in Google Search. You will be seen and rewarded as an authority on the subject matter you write consistently about.
    Writing articles for websites is a skill that does take time, patience and practice to develop, but your efforts will pay dividends if you stick with it.

  4. Help Eliminate Plagiarism

    One of the most important points to remember when writing an article for your website, is to make it original. Do not copy content already written and published on the web. If you have claimed authorship markup, write quality content that is fresh and original. Your articles will rank higher than others that are copies of what is already out there on the web and ruin your seo efforts.

  5. Become Recognised and Respected.

    The more quality articles you write, the more you promote yourself as an author. People often search similar topics, looking for the latest information on a subject to read, so as time goes by, they will be recognising your profile image and name. If they liked what you had to say in the past, chances are they will continue to click on more of your articles to read, or even look further in search results to see if you have written something related to what they’ve searched for. In other words you’ll get a following because you have become recognised and respected by them as an author of good quality content on a particular subject.

  6. You may want to consider writing on two or three topics at most, instead of trying to write about many subjects. If you think of book authors, they stick to a particular genre, which will increase your author rank for a subject.
  7. Commenting on Articles and Being a Guest Author

    Your Google+ Profile follows you what ever you do on the web. If you write a comment on someone else’s article, your profile image and name are recognised. Over time, once you have become recognised and respected as an authority on a subject, expect to be asked to write an article on someone else’s website. Make sure though you are given author credit for the content you write, by being set up as a user on their website.

  8. Help Build Trust on the Web

    People are always going on the Internet to find out information. Like you, people want to feel confident what they read is accurate, so when writing an article, make sure you have thoroughly researched your facts for accuracy, before publishing. You will again be rewarded for your efforts, becoming a trusted author and help improve the standard of what is written on the web, thanks to Google Authorship Markup.

  9. Encourage More Google+ Followers

    Adding the ability for visitors to ‘like, share, tweet and plus’ what you have written with sharing buttons to at least the top 3 social networking sites and encouraging people to follow you on Google+, adding you to their circles is important. The more people that have added you to their circles on Google+ increases your Google+ count. An author that has 40,000 Google+ followers will be seen as having an established authority over someone who has a Google+ follower count of just 4. Remember everyone starts off with 0, so encourage more Google+ followers with great quality content in your articles

  10. Register Your Name First

    Some people will have names the same as others. If your name is David Brown for example, chances are there are quite a few in the world. Chances are that you both will be writing articles on websites, so if you both appear, the name registered with Google will be the more credible one, so find out how to sign up for your Google+ account now.

  11. Authorship Promotes your Website

    Authorship Markup is partly responsible for driving people to an article you have written. You are also contributing to readership of the website the article is published on too, adding yet another way to increase traffic to your website. A website may have a number of authors, each writing content about different topics. The website, whether it has one sole author or many, benefits because once they are on a particular page, chances are they will stay on the website longer, taking a look at more pages. If the website has products for sale, obviously this is extremely beneficial.

Google’s Authorship Markup is also a clever; if not intended way, of very quickly increasing the number of active users for Google+. In the battle for social networking supremacy, Google+ has some work to do if it wants to catch Facebook, but initiatives from Google such as this will definitely have content writers for websites signing up for a Google+ Profile fast.

If you would like help setting up your Google+ account so you can benefit from what Google Authorship Markup offers…

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