Copywriting for websites

Copywriting Service for Websites in Adelaide.

An effective copywriting service not only gets your message across to visitors of your website or blog, it plays an important part in seo; search engine optimisation.

Search engines; Google® in particular say that:

Content is King.

The quality of text and content on pages within your website is a major factor in how high search engines will list your website page, so good copywriting is essential.

When building a website you will want to make sure the content on each page is written using correct grammar and contains no spelling mistakes. The text must be written for humans to read whilst being search engine friendly.
The compelling content Thinking IT creates for website pages, blogs and email newsletter marketing is achieved by researching the industry; knowing what high volume keywords people use to find information, services and products in the industry and then discussion with the client.

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Our affordable copywriting service can be text for just one page; once, or for many pages on an ongoing basis and is an additional cost to building a search engine friendly website.

Remember too, our graphic design studio has thousands of stock images and graphics available to add interest to the page, or we can create customised images or graphics to suit the page or project.

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