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How to Write an Article for your Website

5 Steps on How to Write Articles for Websites in 30 minutes

5 Steps on How to Write Articles for Websites. If you want visitors and Google to come back to your website, you need to know how to write articles for websites. Content is King when it comes to attracting new readers, but you also want people to keep coming back to read the latest, freshest article on your website and become active users. So how ... read more

Writing Code – The Basics

Writing code with HTML tags tutorial

Learn How to Write HTML Code for Websites with these Tags. Some clients have got excited about their website, wanting to be more hands-on and have asked me to teach them how to write articles in code, so they can do it themselves. Writing basic code for websites is not difficult, but first you need to learn some web site terminology, before you ... read more

How to increase traffic to your website

How to increase traffic to your website.

Do you want more visitors to your website? Just about every business that has a shop has a website. The question you have to ask yourself is ‘Are potential customers finding it?’ With the volume of people now going to the Internet to start their search for buying a product you need to do more than just having a website and hoping ... read more