Website Repairs & Maintenance

Website Repairs & Maintenance of websites

There is an ever increasing amount of spam that gets emailed these days; much of it coming from overseas countries, and much of it contains viruses that can infect your computer and then your website if you are using a content management system to access it. Hackers are also finding more ways to attack websites.

No website is immune from being attacked with some of the largest websites in Australia falling victim to unwanted intrusion; as well as some of the largest websites in the world.

There are steps you can take though to thwart attempts, or at least make it harder for people damage your website and like security for your car or home, if you make things hard, most hackers will go somewhere else where they can penetrate a website with far greater ease. Thinking IT install spam filters on the server limiting the chances of emails containing potential threats from being inadvertently uploaded.

Your website may have been hacked, or crashed for any number of reasons. Thinking IT programmers can often quickly diagnose the problem, getting your website up and functioning properly again, plus suggest ways to prevent an unwanted intrusion or crash from happening again.

Most people do nothing until something goes wrong, so at Thinking IT we are most called upon to fix damage that has already occurred. If your website is not on our secured servers, or we have not built your site, that task is always significantly harder.

When we build websites and host them for businesses, we take every security protocol into account, using the latest best practices to minimise the chances of an intrusion. In fact websites built and hosted by Thinking IT are covered by monthly checks, backups and updates; if anything untoward should happen we fix it — FREE of charge; that’s how confident we are!

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