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Press Releases

Increase Your Websites Reach & Repeat Customers With Press Releases.

The way Google handles press releases with regards to SEO has changed, primarily because many news syndication websites, that used to promote non-newsworthy content in the guise of being news to gain importance, have been made insignificant by it’s SERP algorithm. There was a huge amount of content duplication, which is extremely frowned upon, even though inbound links were coming from different sources.

Press releases are still beneficial for SEO and should form part of your inbound linking strategy, as part of your SEO plan, if you understand how to use press releases correctly while mitigating their potential drawbacks.

There are news sites dedicated to publishing high-quality information, and they’ve been around for long enough to earn a standing in the search community. Google does view these sites favourably, which means backlinks from one of them, is far more valuable than inbound links from some random forum or blog that no-one has ever heard of.

Another aspect worth considering in defence of using press releases is that they aren’t always about being optimised with backlinks and tagging for search engines. Each website that picks up on the press release is going to have its own readership. This means that a new group of visitors will be reading about your business perhaps for the first time. If interested in what has been said, may visit your website for more information – which means extra referral traffic, which is good for SEO.

Press releases may be picked up by good quality news sources if the press release is ‘newsworthy’ to many people and therefore can be effective in promoting your brand or business name.

Another way of using press releases to benefit SEO is sending the press release via an email newsletter campaign to your subscribers, inviting them to pass on the news to their friends and family.

Since family and friends are the strongest source of referrals, they will likely investigate the information further, driving more people to your website, organically boosting SEO for your website pages.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use press releases for SEO:

  1. Promote your business name, brand or product,
  2. Drive traffic to your website; one of the primary goals of SEO,
  3. Increase your visibility in search engine search and social search result pages,
  4. Allow for a larger story to break on news sites and other media sources such as Radio and Television as a result,
  5. Education to the wider public.

In summary, press releases are still a useful SEO tool if you don’t include too many links within the content (1-2 very relevant links is enough).
Apart from high quality text in the content, include original photographs too, along with any relevant info-graphics to help explain your point.

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