Social Media Integration

Step 5 Of Our SEO Plan

Social Media Integration

Social Media Sites Can Boost Your SEO Efforts.

Social media is used by many of your customers. Almost as many people connect to the Internet to visit social media sites, than visit Google to search for something.

It makes sense then, if your customers are on social media sites, your business should be too.

Which Social Media Sites Are Important To SEO?

To get the best SEO benefit from social media, joining all of the top 3 social media sites for business should be considered. Read on to find out which social media sites to set up a business profile on, in level of importance and why.

  1. Google+

    Google+ or Google Plus, is Google’s response to the dominance of Facebook; the world’s largest social media website. So why have we listed Google+ first and Facebook second?
    Google+ is the most important social media site to join if local SEO is important to you, and it should be. Google product ‘Places’ appears often in its search results and the only way to be included is to sign up to Google+.

  2. Facebook

    ‘Like’ it, or not, pun intended, Facebook is part of the fabric of today’s society. Facebook users are interested in what their friends have to say, so their opinions count. If one person ‘likes’ your business, blog article or page, it is likely friends will want to at least take a look, giving your website reach to many people.

  3. Twitter

    The way people communicate has changed. Letters have been replaced with e-mail, conversation has been superseded by text messages and Tweets. Whether this is for the better, or not (the answer is definitely not) this trend is not a fad, the younger generation especially are always looking for ways to do things quicker with no attention to detail, emphasis on perfection or consequences of ambiguity; it’s here to stay, so you had better join the masses and get on board, or be left out in the cold!

Many people in business have personal social media sites they regularly post updates on.

  1. Post at least as frequently on your business pages, and…
  2. Project a professional image. Your rants are not only going to be seen by friends but potential customers as well. Do you really want to upset customers who don’t necessarily share your point of view, or support a different football team?
    Your personal views on race, religion, creed and football should stay personal!

Google does not have a large social media presence in Adelaide, South Australia, other than with Google+ business pages. Building your Google+ page will help your prominence in Google Search, which no other social media site can do.

Social Media Benefits For SEO

Google does not look at social signals when determining the rank of a web page. However, contextual links published on social media sites are considered to be credible backlinks.
Google crawls social media websites for data in the same way that it would any other site. Google+, Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in Google’s web index, so if something occurs on Twitter or Facebook and Google’s bots able to crawl it, the information will appear in Google’s search results.

Proof of this is easy to demonstrate. ‘Google’ a major company name, product or service to see how high the companies social media pages appear in the search results.

‘Content is King’ for SEO success! Always has been and always will be. So content placed on social media sites is important for SEO too. The same rules apply when posting content and images to your social pages that apply to adding a page to your website.

The web itself is inherently social. Building relationships, expressing identity and sharing information is what the web does best, so social SEO should be considered an important part of your overall SEO plan.

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