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What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allows businesses to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web (www).
Thinking IT provide space on a server that businesses use for periods of 12 months at a time.

We utilise professional grade Linux Web Hosting, that caters for anything your website requires. Your website will have the fastest and most reliable connection to the internet possible, with lots of diskspace, bandwidth and power.
In fact you have unlimited bandwidth and can have an unlimited number of email addresses.

For those that like ‘Geek Speak‘ the web servers use pure SSD disk storage. The disk drives are more than 100x faster than the old slower traditional spinning drives. In other words, your websites are served as fast as possible, using the fastest hardware technology possible. (Our servers use RAID10 configuration, which means each server has four redundant SSD drives for maximum protection and speed.)

Economy is always nice until your network goes down, at which point you are likely to lose many times the money you saved.
We do not look for the cheapest alternative when it comes to hosting and neither should you!
There are hosting companies offering cheap hosting, but it does come at a cost. Less stability, reliability, security and speed is always compromised for price.

Thinking IT offers a premium-level hosting service, and this includes using only the “best of the best” for bandwidth and network infrastructure. You will not find any cheap, low-cost bandwidth when using our services.
The datacenter utilises five different gigE fiber optic (1000Mbit/s) connections with the world’s largest ‘Tier 1’ network/bandwidth providers to provide fully redundant connections to every major internet backbone on the planet:

  • Mzima Networks
  • Global Crossing
  • PCCW
  • Internap

These five providers power the networks and connectivity behind over 95% of the world’s Fortune 500 industries and companies, including the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft, Amex, IBM, and many others. They are the “best of the best”.

Translating all that Geeky Stuff, our hosting is more expensive (maybe a few dollars a week) than what you can find, but if you balance what you get in return, it’s more than worth it!

One years hosting as at January 2019 is $700 (+GST). We do not offer shorter terms, or payment plans. One fee, paid once a year, with no cancellations or refunds.

Perhaps best of all, setting up Content Management Systems (CMS), databases, scripts (PHP, AJAX etc.) and email addresses for your website is done as required to meet your website’s requirements at no additional cost.
If you require an additional email address for your business, we set it up for you, at no additional cost.

As at January 2019, all clients that have paid $700 (+GST) for their hosting receive spam management for free.
All email addresses have spam filters added, updated regularly to prevent unwanted email spam, saving you time, money while adding an extra layer of security.