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We Are Here To Help Your Business Grow

We're Here To Help Your Business Grow

Many small business people don’t take their website seriously. Many people think they can buy a $20 template and do it themselves. After spending hours, away from their business they end up with something average that just does’t meet the grade, then wonder why their business isn’t getting the traffic they hoped for.
If this sounds like you, but you want to grow your business, read on.

Best Practice Website Design

Our website designers keep up to date with industry best practices for usability & accessibility, your website will be using the latest coding standards. Read More

Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive website design delivers the best viewing experience to a visitor regardless of the device they’re using – desktop, tablet or mobile smart phone. Your website design will be responsive to all screen sizes. Read More

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Thinking IT specialise in SEO, using best-practice search engine optimisation techniques to ensure that every website we design and develop can be found on major search engines such as Bing & Google. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to search engine optimisation, so we’ll tailor a strategy to your requirements & budget. Read More

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you would like to manage the content on your own website, whether it be a single section or every page, we can build content management functionality to meet your requirements. We’re experienced working with the best content management systems in the world and can even show you how to optimise the content to rank in search engines. Read More

Ecommerce (Online Shopping)

Whether you’re looking to set up an online store with thousands of products across many categories, you want to accept payments from clients for membership, or to pay invoices, we can build a 128 bit encryption payment system to accept payments from visitors.

Email Marketing

Send out custom designed e-newsletters, tailored to match the look and feel of your website. Have people subscribe and track each campaign’s success.

Social Media Integration & Marketing

Display your most recent tweets on your website or allow visitors to easily share your website across social networks such as Facebook, we can seamlessly integrate the tools for social interaction into your website.

Photography, Photoshop & Illustrator

Images are an important aspect to good website design and tell a lot about the quality of your business. Thinking IT have experienced product, commercial & landscape photographers to take photos of whatever is required across Adelaide, then Photoshop them to create stunning images that will make your website ‘Pop’ & impress your visitors.


Google says ‘Content Is King’. After asking a series of questions, we can create content for your website pages and articles for your blog. We’re highly experienced in writing content that will be engaging to your visitors, plus importantly, follow Bing & Google search engine best practices to help your website pages rank high. Read More

Domain Registration & Hosting

Thinking IT provides a fully-managed approach to domain registration & fast, secure website hosting. This allows us to build large websites with content management systems and take advantage of powerful, modern code before launching publicly for the world to see. Read More

All Websites Are 100% Responsive

Every website design we build will automatically be responsive to all screen sizes.

Regardless of how much your website design costs, your site will adapt to the screen size it’s being viewed on. As many people view websites on mobile phones as they do on tablets and destop PC’s, so it’s important to have your website adapt, regardless of the make or model phone, laptop, tablet or PC/Apple.

How Search Engines View Website Design When Ranking Websites

About 90% of people will use Google to search the internet for information or to shop. Google has let us know that websites with good website design will rank higher in their search results , all things considered than websites that are not.

‘Mobile First’ is part of Google’s algorythm used to rank websites, so if your website adapts perfectly to mobile phones, uses the latest code, you will rank higher. Layout, navigation and most importantly content is also looked at when a website design is analysed by Google.