Content Management Systems

Be in control of your website with customised WordPress CMS.

Control your website with a customised WordPress Content Management System.

Unless otherwise specified, all websites will be built on the WordPress platform.
WordPress is open source software used to create beautiful website designs using ‘child themes’.

The website design you see on your website is built and designed by Thinking IT to meet your specific needs and requirements, it’s unique to you. The WordPress framework saves much time and money by allowing programmers to create web site designs with limitless possibilities without having to create a lot of code from scratch.

There are a number of reasons for using WordPress as the content management system for your website.

Ease Of Use

For clients that would like to manage their own content, Thinking IT can build a customised interface to your content management system that allows for easy adding, editing and deleting of pages, articles and content.
If your website sends out e-newsletters, this can also be added to your CMS, so you can control them yourself too.

SEO Friendly

Even for clients that don’t want any SEO work done to their website, WordPress have built into their content management system a best practice, SEO friendly way for you to optimise pages yourself. Obviously you are not going to get the best result possible, but it’s better than nothing.

High Security

Your WordPress content management system (CMS) has a number of security protocols to make it extremely difficult for unwanted intruders to hack. There are also a number of additional security measures Thinking IT can install and set up for you to further increase security./

Powerfull Media Management

Websites are a very visual medium, so handling images is extremely important.

If you’re wanting to manage aspects of your website <em>yourself</em>, without the need to learn code, ask Thinking IT to install and set up a content management system for your website.