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Mobile First – Mobile Responsive Design.

It’s a fact, more people are using ‘smart phones’ to search the internet, send and receive emails and to buy products online.
The importance of good mobile responsive design is now a significant ranking metric used by Google and other search engines.
Placing more importance on how mobile phones render websites makes sense because more people are using them to find and read about products and services offered by businesses.

Mobile responsive design has come a long way in the last 5 years. Instead of website designers building websites for desk top screens, then looking at the consequences of what happens when a website is viewed on smaller screen sizes, website designers are now building websites for mobile or ‘smart phones’ and looking at how it appears when viewed on large screens.

With advancements in coding, more elaborate websites can now be built that load fast on small screen devices, with larger images that span full screen on tablets, laptops and desktop PC’s. Thanks to bigger and faster processors in mobile phones, just about everything can be done effectively on your mobile, which is why many people do use them to access the Internet on the go, or from their lounge chair.

Apart from making website pages look good on small screens for visitors, search engine ranking algorithms check how well websites appear and how easy they are to use.
Technically good mobile responsive design, mobile first is now more important if your website is to rank high in search engines such as Google.
If SEO (search engine optimisation) is important to you and it should be, using the latest mobile responsive design coding is imperative.

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