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Website Analysis

How Is Your Website Currently Performing in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP's)? In order to optimise a web page for SERP's, you first need to understand how users interact with it. Analysing how a website we have full access to is performing is easier than trying to analyse a competitors website if a web analytic program [...]
Keyword Research | SEO Plan

Keyword Research

Researching The Right Search Terms Or Keywords Benefits SEO. There are keywords for show and search terms for dough. Knowing which keywords to use and optimise; as part of your SEO plan, will determine how many visitors you will be seen by. There's little point ranking first, on the first page of search engine results [...]
Competitors Website Analysis

Competitors Website Analysis

Find Out What SEO Is Required To Rank Higher Than Your Competition. Once the keywords you wish to rank high for have been determined, you should, and Thinking IT do, conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors website's to find out what SEO work needs to be done to rank higher than them in search [...]

Web Page Optimisation

Essential SEO Techniques To Be Found In Search Results. Adelaide businesses are becoming more aware of the need to implement a SEO plan. As fewer people pick up the Yellow Pages and turn to the Internet to search for businesses, products and services, small businesses are realising they need to be found in Google Search. Many [...]

Blog Submission

Increase Your Websites Reach By Writing A Blog. The best way to increase your websites prominence in SERP's is to write a blog. Blogs are articles written about different aspects of your business. An article could be information about products you have for sale, or services you provide that are stored in categories for ease of [...]
Press Releases | SEO

Press Releases

Increase Your Websites Reach & Repeat Customers With Press Releases. The way Google handles press releases with regards to SEO has changed, primarily because many news syndication websites, that used to promote non-newsworthy content in the guise of being news to gain importance, have been made insignificant by it's SERP algorithm. There was a huge [...]

Article Submission

Increase Your Websites Reach With Article Submissions. There are two benefits of article submission for SEO, if used carefully and sparingly. Firstly you can include links to your website content that will be seen by visitors outside of your own blog's circle or reach. Secondly, quality SEO back links help increase your PageRank and Authority. Article directory websites [...]
Directory Submission | SEO

Directory Submission

Increase Your Websites Reach With Directory Submissions. The benefits of directory submission for SEO is two-fold. Firstly you get your website content seen by visitors outside of your own blog's circle or reach. Secondly, quality SEO backlinks that are 'dofollow' help increase your PageRank. Blog directories are essentially a large database that lists websites based on their primary [...]
Local Search | Local SEO | SEO Adelaide

Local SEO

Local Search & SEO Adelaide. Local Customers Find Local Businesses With Local Search. Are They Finding Your Business? Local SEO is a necessity for Adelaide businesses that benefit from local customers. If you have a physical address and want customers to call or visit you, or you want to service them, local SEO for Adelaide and metropolitan [...]